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Re: Nine years ago today

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I think I watched the first story online, and remember not being overly impressed. It was pretty rough around the edges, and had a pretty weak ending. But despite silliness like the burping garbage bin, I was pleased that the new writers obviously knew and cared about the shows history and weren't trying to "re-imagine" the program. And Chris was certainly likeable enough, despite his intimidating appearance.
Pretty much exactly my feeling too. Equal parts elation and disappointment. Thankfully it got better!

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If memory serves there was a bit of a cock-up where during the first few seconds they ad not turned off the audio feed from the previous programme. So you could hear that.
Yes, from Graham Norton on the programme before, but I can't recall what that programme was. Any one recall?
Strictly Dance Fever. The main show was on before Who, and then there was a supplementary programme on BBC3 during Who, and I believe the fault made the audio from that bleed through onto BBC1.

Something very similar happened again five years later;

Individually, these foul-ups were annoying. Together, with the fact that neither one was Norton's personal fault, they're quite amusing. I remember an angry thread on another forum after The Time of Angels went out, titled Norton Does It Again!
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