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Re: Members of the Federation.

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^ Confusion?

srsly though: "Hedony" is, IMHO, a stupid name for a government. Hedonism is the pursuit of pleasure, we all know it. But that's not what a government is for. I realize the writers (whoever thought that up) were trying to be cute, but come on.
I agree that taken as a description of a government it's rather stupid - as you say, governments are not about pleasure, and in isolation there's no way a polity would end up with such a name - but given Risa's long-standing dependence on outworld tourism, I think it makes sense as a form of advertising. Risa completely reshaped itself (almost literally given the planet's artificial climate controls) into a world that played upon a reputation for free sexuality, erotic hospitality and other steamy things ending in "ity" (except virginity...). Given that, I can see them adopting the name "Hedony" as part of their efforts to promote the idea that their world is your number-one holiday destination. In a sense, we could argue that the role of the Risian government is to encourage pursuit of pleasure - alien tourists' pleasure, not their own. And that's because the planet's economy and society have become so dependent on the "pleasure planet" angle that they have to stay competitive and perfect or it's over for them.

But then, I have an obsessive urge to make things fit and justify them where I can
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