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I dislike how the background graphics of Star Trek Into Darkness say that the (new) Vulcan state based out of New Vulcan in AR 2259 is the "Confederacy of Surak". Surak was only one person in all of Vulcan history! Where's the logic in naming a state after only one person? One person isn't responsible for the entirety of a civilization no matter how important they were. His name isn't even part of the homeworld's name! Not even Klingons call themselves something like "Imperial Kahless State".
I agree that it's silly, but I can't say I can bring myself to care overmuch. It's just an illegible graphic. I don't consider it any more canonical than I do the giant hamster in a wheel powering the Enterprise-D on their Master Systems Display in engineering. (Though I think they following the precedent set by 2003's Star Trek: Star Charts, which also established the Vulcan state as "the Confederacy of Surak." Did Geoffrey Mandel work on the Into Darkness graphics?)

I do, however, have a thought on those graphics that may blur into story idea territory:

Well, the graphics are sufficiently visible on Blu-Ray to make it to Memory Alpha.
Pfffft. Memory Alpha accepts every damn thing they can read on a Blu-Ray with a magnifying glass.

For the story idea you suggested, I suppose it's plausible but I don't think the film producers have any concern for the novels or lesser known things like that from Star Trek.
Actually, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have talked about how they really enjoyed a lot of Trek novels, including our own Christopher's Ex Machina.

Anyway, the point was to say that it fits, not that it's intentional.
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