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Re: Which races would you have like to see them meet in Season 5 on?

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I don't even know who half the choices are. But Cardassian first contact is a no-brainer, even if some fans will refuse to accept it because we never saw them in the TOS era.

In fact, they're all no-brainers. It may stretch credibility that all those aliens were met by the first Starship Enterprise, but a prequel series is meant for prequel stories.
For reference, the Fed President in ST VI was an Efrosian, the Fed Prez in "Homefront" and "Paradise Lost" was a Grazerite, and Dr. Sevrin from "The Way to Eden" was from Tiburon (we also saw a native of this planet in the DS9 episode "The Ship" and the planet was mention in passing in "Affliction").

I too thought the Cardassians showed promise. It might be interesting if things started off well and maybe have a seen where some friendly Cardassian officer shows off their star charts. Archer inquires about one planet on the edge of the map, to which the Cardassian responds "Oh, that's Bajor. The natives are a primitive, superstitious people. They've never been of much interest to us."

The Trill might be promising as well. Since DS9 basically ignored almost all the premises TNG established about them (i.e. lumpy foreheads, parasitic relationships instead of symbiotic ones, joining is a secret etc.), I don't think "Enterprise" would be bound to them either. And yes, it would be nice to see Tobin, especially if they tried to stay close to Colm Meaney's performance in "Facets". Heck we could even meet an elderly Lela, who's fatally injured in some accident during the episode and passes the symbiont to her chosen heir Tobin, a nervous mathematician unsure of himself, but who finds the strength to join.
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