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Re: Probert's REAL N.C.C.-1701-C

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Of course, from a real life production point of view, we shouldn't forget that the series was made for general, average and ordinary people (that's what I meant with "normal" in the closed TNG thread).
Anyway, I provided an in-universe explanation, but anything that could suggest that the Enterprise-C on the wall display is canon, authentic and genuine is obviously not what some people here want to hear.
I'm looking forward to explanations why he made Guinan and Sela say something differently...I really wonder who is in need of explaining.
The one thing I increasingly notice in this discussion is that most participants have no problem accepting the revisionistic nature of retroactive continuity, but are utterly unable to accept the possibility that a revision could equally itself be revised - and with the consequence that an erased design (Probert's Enterprise-C) has been restored like the supposedly revised timeline in "Yesterday's Enterprise".
Or maybe, just maybe, it's your self-righteous and pompous holier-than-thou attitude in statements such as the above that is turning people off to your theories, not that they actually have a problem with what you believe.

NOT ONCE have you said, "hey, yeah, maybe it can be interpreted another way than what I'm speculating," or "okay, sure, I might be wrong here" when people point out flaws in your theories. It's always "no, your wrong, these are the facts, and here's why" with you, along with some thinly veiled insults toward us to the effect of why you "simply can't understand why we don't think they way you do," and accuse us of doing something no one actually did (desecrating your holy relic Probert design). Perhaps if you didn't always think you are right 100% of the time and the rest of us are wrong 100% of the time, people would take you more seriously. You may not like Sojourner's "translation," but he's spot on. This discussion serves no purpose because trying to reason with someone who is so dead-set on believing his own dogma is pointless. I've asked a moderator to close this thread, but they have so far chosen to ignore me. At least some meaningful discussion about "Tomorrow is Yesterday" is going on here.

And I'm sure you'll come right back in response and say that you've done nothing of the sort and simply cannot understand why I would say something like this. It's what I've come to expect from you.
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