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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 90: No Small Roles

Dukat: My god, it's some sort of prison camp. The Breen are a truly barbaric race!
Kira: Are you kidding me right now?

Jake: Call me "hewman" one more time.

Quark: An authentic pre-federation hewman hat, do you know how much I could get for one of these back home?

Weyoun: Is that a smudge?
Damar: I'm sure it's nothi......
Founder: The Dominion will not tolerate uncleanliness!

Sisko: Plot a course to the Badlands.
Eddington: Whatever you say Javert!
Sisko: Tell me Mr Eddington, have you read the scene where Javert slammed Jean Valjean's face in to the console?
Eddington: ....
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