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Re: Nine years ago today

I saw the "leaked" version which used the classic Delia Derbyshire arrangement if Grainer's theme. I just can't remember exactly when. I recall interviews and articles that kept emphasizing how "upscale" this version would be compared to the "classic" series. Yet, except for the establishing shot when Rose enters the TARDIS (which I gladly admit and praise was very well done), the show felt, hmm, "small" and "contemporary". Much of it seemed like a modest budget domestic drama. Yeah, I realize that's what the creators intended. Start with something "normal", a relatable frame of reference for the audience and then gradually add the more fantastic elements. After all, that's what "An Unearthly Child" did. But I guess knowing where this situation could go, from one end of the universe to the other, I guess we were a bit impatient for things to get going.

What I recall were those first clips of Eccleston and Piper. I realized Billie was in costume though what she wore would not draw a second glance on the street (her counsel estate jeans and sweatshirt). But I thought, "Dang, I guess we'll have to wait until nearer the premiere to see Eccleston's wardrobe. Looks like the production is keeping it a secret. Looks like a "thug" right now with that leather jacket." Of course, later I discovered that WAS his costume! What?! It took me a long time to get used to it. It just looked too "conventional" to me. The Doctor needs to be "odd", maybe not insanely flambouyant like Colin's ensemble, but something should be "off", out of step with the times. It was only when someone compared Eccleston's outfit to that of a U-boat commander did I finally see it as eccentric.

While the following is several episodes later, who remembers the unusual circumstances surrounding the airing of "Dalek"? the BBC was enhancing its on-line presence, setting up the tools for streaming media. It was meant only for residents of the UK, but due to an "incorrect" setting, people outside Great Britain were able to watch the return of the Daleks at the same time BBC viewers saw the broadcast version. That was the wildest experience, watching a DW episode "in sync" with the British audience while I was in southern Georgia. I wouldn't have that opportunity again until "Day of the Doctor".


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