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Re: Voyager Caption Contest 119: Had a Bad Day

Think you're contest is over, but I love doing these things, so here's a few more:-

Paris: Do you mind not doing that right now Harry!
Harry (thinking): F### you Tom!

Janeway: What happened?
Doctor: Suffice to say you should probably stick to synthehol at the next ship party.

Janeway: Computer activate Erotic Massage Hologram.
Doctor: Please state the nature of the.....CAPTAIN?!?!?
Janeway: Dammit computer, wrong EMH!

Paris: Oh god, my eye!
Everyone: Hahahahahahahahaha.
Paris: No really, I can't see.
B'Elanna: No one cares Tom!
Science officer: Hahahaha, poke the other eye!

Janeway: This is a recipe my grandmother used to make us when I was just a child. Have I ever told you about my mother, fascinating woman...
Chakotay: - gulp gulp gulp -
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