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Re: Nine years ago today

I remember reading about the relaunch of Dr Who in the sci-fi magazines in the months before it aired. It fascinated me because even though I was five and six at the time, I saw the last two seasons of the original series when it aired in the 1980s. RTD's involvement also intrigued me but I was not sure if I wanted to put a level of commitment into this new series as I did not think it would interest me as a 21 year old. On the night I decided to video record it (yes video!) and watched it later that night and was hooked!!!

The stand out moment for me was when the Doctor flicked through the magazine and said a celebrity couple wouldn't last as one was an alien and another was gay. As a gay man that throw-away comment made me smile because within twenty minutes of this new Saturday evening show starting the 'gay' word was mentioned, something Star Trek never achieved.

Each week it got better and better for me, even the Slitheen episodes had good moments, but highlight was Moffat two-parter. Dr Who I think has had greatest comeback ever.
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