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I read the article over at TrekMovie and was not impressed. Up-rezzing? You have got to be kidding me.

I also wanted to point out that all of the special effects models, planets and starfields in TNG were all shot on film. The separate footage was then scanned onto video and composited together. Phasers, tractor beams, energy creatures or effects animation were the only things that originated as true video effects. So the question someone needs to be asking is this: Did Paramount and production save any of the original film elements? If they did than they can just rescan, recomposite and reedit everything and use their trusty computers to add the video effects back in rather than completely redoing or botching up the old.

But for me this news is neither here nor there. I am not buying another version of anything for a while. This fan is sick of having his bank account raped by these people. However, I might entertain the thought of upgrading to HD in a couple of years but not until the dust settles from the format wars. For now they can talk about this all they want to but they are wasting their time with me. I won't be stuck later with the HD version of Betamax collecting dust on a shelf in the basement.
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