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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

I haven’t been very good at responding to specific questions and comments lately so time to play catch-up.

candida said:Wouldn't those windows cut into the roof - which are beautiful - mean the running light was constantly irritatingly bleeding into the briefing room ?
Possibly. Even if it does, though, it shouldn’t be any worse than the Sovereign bridge module, which has a similar configuration. I’m not too worried about it in the grander scheme of things.

Vulcan said:Sweet work. You might want to change your copyright symbol + year down in the bottom-right corner to 2007 though.
Yeah, been meaning to do that.

Hammer said:^^^ What in blazes does Vektor mean by "triangles"?
All 3D models are composed of polygonal surfaces, each having 3 or more sides. Polygons with more than 3 sides are represented internally as groups of triangles. For example, a four-sided square actually consists of two triangles with the diagonal edge between them hidden. No matter how many sides a polygon has, it is fundamentally comprised of triangles. Generally speaking, the more triangles an object has, the longer it takes to render, which is why efficient modeling is so important; you always want to get as much detail out of as few polygons as possible. To give you an idea, the most recent renderings I posted in this thread took about four minutes each on my Pentium 4.

Paranoid Android said:Do you plan to model it [the lounge/briefing room] as well at some point?
Well, we already have a guy named NightShadow working on the bridge, but there hasn’t been a lot of coordination between he and I, so I’m not really sure what will happen with that. At the very least, I will be putting a textured “window box” behind the windows to give it a sense of depth.

Venardhi said:Is that a shuttle-bay tucked in there for the 'captain's yacht'? Or perhaps a backup impulse engine for use when separated?
Neither, actually. If you look closely, you can see the line of separation between the primary and secondary hulls, but I haven’t gotten around to cutting it through that teardrop shaped structure yet. The feature you’re talking about wouldn’t work as an impulse engine because it is actually attached to the underside of the neck and would be blasting straight at it. It’s also too small to be a shuttle bay, though it might be a good spot for a travel pod airlock. If nothing else, I will be adding some greebling in there and some more detail stretching back toward the neck.
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