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Re: Doctor Who set/on location reports thread

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I guess I'm one of the only ones that doesn't mind the heavier use of the sonic in the new series. There may be episodes here or there where they use it a bit too much (like the recent Rings of Akhaten), but overall it doesn't strike me as much of an issue at all.

In fact just like I love the more adoring shots of the TARDIS we've gotten in the new series, I kinda love the extra attention the sonic has gotten as well. Especially since it's such a freakin cool little gadget.

Plus it only makes sense that the Doctor would like to show off a bit.
Never had a problem with the sonic screwdriver myself. Sure, it's a bit silly that it does practically everything (except wood), but which would be sillier, the Doctor carrying one device that can do everything, or the Doctor conveniently having some random device that is necessary to save the day?
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