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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Anyone here bothered that Melinda May's surname is spelled "May" and not "Mei"? Granted we've never received any background on her family and no one is required to spell a name a certain way, but among all the nonstandard spellings of Asian names I've ever encountered, I've never seen "May" for "Mei" (supposing that Melinda May is an American of Chinese descent like Ming-Na Wen)
On the other hand, her first name is "Melinda." Asian-Americans don't always have Asian names. She, or her father, could've been adopted, say. Or maybe May is actually her middle name and she dropped her Chinese surname because it's difficult for Americans to pronounce. I find that May is actually a relatively common given name for Chinese-American girls.

Or maybe Melinda May isn't her birth name at all. She is a secret agent, after all.
You make good points. I believe, though, that foreigners adopting Chinese babies en masse didn't start until the one-child policy came around in 1979. Ming-Na Wen was born in 1963 and even if you take advantage of how she doesn't look 50, I think 16 years is too big a stretch.
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