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Re: Things you thought were stupid on ds9.

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Just a few of my top peeves:

I really disliked the reveal that Sisko's mother was possessed by the prophets to bring about his birth... ugh.
Yeah, that was pretty bad. It's a disservice to the Prophets and Emissary storyline that they made him into a god, a messiah, instead of leaving it a matter of interpretation.

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I did not like the Dominion War going on too long and pretty much ruining a series I had loved from the very start....

Most of my problems stem from season 6-7. DS9 hit a high point in season 4-5 and then dropped into mediocrity for most of its latter years. Yes, I know I'm in the minority with that one, but there it is. Season 6-7 had some good episodes, but far too much disappointment for my liking.
I disagree here. The war was the centerpiece of the show. The Dominion were very interesting and brought out the themes of the show. An episode like "Rocks and Shoals" is a good example of roles humanoids play in the Dominion. They did plenty of episodes in seasons 3-5 about the Dominion that fleshed them out.

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Killing off Jadzia. Ezri was fine, but I still think they could've allowed Terry to leave without killing off Jadzia. I know Behr's argument was "what could be the justification of her leaving Worf and the station at a time of war?" or something like that - I can think of plenty of good reasons precisely because of the war! Covert mission, section 31, or even perhaps a previous host had expert knowledge of XYZ and Dax needed to leave for a while.
I disagree again. I think killing her in a time of war would've been tremendous. Having her almost a Captain in the beginning of season 6 means they could've been scrambling for good Captains, and had her command a ship as a part of a ship lost in times of war. Worf would've had no problem losing his wife that way. This would've driven home that the main characters are not all going to survive this war. Nog will lose a leg. Jadzia loses her life, possibly the symbiot of Dax would die, too (an actual death that would test Sisko's resolve for the war). Instead, he gets another Dax and all is well. There's a lot of potential with a death of Jadzia, however, I doubt you would like it if it was a war casualty.

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Poor treatment of Alexander Rozhenko. Character assassination at its worst. Alexander was in a great place at the end of TNG, so rather than build on that, DS9 just decided to ruin the character by making him comic relief for a couple of episodes? Um, yeah, thanks guys.
I disagree--Alexander was a bad character, period.


That said, I have a list. It's not very long. I think the Maquis were the weakest of the story lines for DS9. I think they should've been more menacing or not done at all. Just horrible--the Eddington episodes. Like nails on a chalkboard.

Also, the Pah Wraiths turned this into a bad comic book showdown between Dukat and Sisko. A small change--I want power and the Prophets showed me they have power--would've made it more interesting for me watching Dukat. Instead, he tries to justify everything he is doing. I hated that he became entangled with Kira's mother ( ). Everything is happening to our characters (except death).

That's about all I would change.
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