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Re: Nine years ago today

I remember it! I was very young at the time (must have been 6 I think) and I was eating dinner in the dining room, we opened the door so we could watch the TV that was in the study. I watched the episode and thought it was alright (I saw a documentary on Doctor Who about a year before and didn't like it because it was too scary), and then I watched the second episode but I didn't got for the third one as we agreed it'd be too scary for me at the time, and I never bothered to watch the series live again until series 2. We eventually caught up before the beginning of series 2, although I didn't see "Fathers Day" for a year or two because we couldn't get home in time to record it or the TV was playing up, I can't remember. We also missed "Dalek" but I think my aunt or something gave us a copy. So yeah, that's my beginnings with the show. I think it was either towards the end of series 2 or just after it that I brought my first DVD of classic Who, Earthshock and fell in love with it. I think I watched it over and over again until I watched it so many times I got fed up with it.
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