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Re: Personal life? What personal life?

'm unaware of any mention of a wife or progeny during his TNG appearances.
In "Sarek", it is mentioned that Sarek's son got married while Picard spectated. We don't know how many sons Sarek had, but Sybok wasn't around at the time, so Spock is as strong a candidate as we get.

After crossing into the NuTrek universe, it appears Spock willingly isolated himself for 20 to 30 years on an ice planet until he was miraculously discovered by NuKirk.
Nope; Spock only arrived to the 23rd century a few hours before Vulcan was destroyed. That is, he arrived two and a half decades after Nero did, even though he departed the 24th century a few seconds before Nero. That's time travel for ya.

which would have permitted him to survive during his long period of solitude.
We have never heard of pon farr bothering Vulcans who already have formed ties with a mate, even if said mate is away at the crucial time. As "Amok Time" puts it in the timid language of the 1960s, pon farr is all about finding and securing a mate, and does not appear to be about mating in the sense of copulation.

Well, Tuvok was having some troubles (which were sort of shrugged off in a comical dream sequence), but he was really far away from his chosen mate - perhaps the all-important telepathic link was broken? Certainly it did not appear as if any amount of copulation would have been of help there.

Given how things went with Sulu, I would argue that Uhura and Chekov could well have been grandparents by the time of their last appearances...

Interesting ruminations in any case!

Timo Saloniemi
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