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Re: Suggestions for desktop computer?

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As for the topic, I would suggest checking out They're a reliable company and they're always offering deals on mid-range computers.
Yes, I've heard about newegg for years, but have never bought from them. I may just have an aversion to buying on-line (I've only bought things from Amazon twice), possibly because I consider it like mail order, but mostly because I prefer seeing what I'm buying in person first.

The machine that died on me was a gift a friend had purchased for me from newegg, and it served me well for 4 years until the hard drive crashed.
I've bought some components from newegg and quite a lot from tigerdirect. These are 2 reputable online stores.

I supposed there would be some hassle involved in returning an online purchase, but I haven't had any reason to return anything so far.
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