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Re: The FCA makes no sense

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In TNG and DS9 we're given the impression that Ferengi society is this laissez faire corporate utopia where people can do whatever they want with their money and there's no taxation or regulation or any sort, even of things such as bribery and intimidation.

Then early to mid through DS9's run we learn of the Ferengi Commerce Authority, this organization that strictly regulates commerce and can forbid Ferengi from doing business and seize their assets any time they feel like it.

This makes no sense! You can't be an Ayn Rand paradise and have strict government regulations at the same time! It's like after all the work Armin Shimmerman did to make Ferengi society seem less cartoonish they decide, nope, we need a Ferengi cartoon villain. Ferengi society isn't a corporate utopia, it's just Earth on opposite day!

They should have done without the FCA and, if they needed a character in the role of Brunt, make him a competitor rather than a government bureaucrat.
Laissez-faire ecomics doesn't always equate to a total lack of govermental influence or regulations but a minimal amount. So if some of those regulations are that women can't earn profit and unions are banned you need some oversight to enforce those rules.
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