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Re: The FCA makes no sense

Certainly collective action can nullify the actions of a government. The FCA has legal powers to use against people, though, which creates a barrier to such action. Also, remember, the business owners have every incentive not to give such benefits to their employees. Less benefits, less pay, less costly working conditions all mean more money for them. In the US, at least, such benefits were concessions won by the collective action of workers. The companies did not do it willingly.

As for the misogony, I think we are getting into issues of rational actor theory in economics. The theory you are outlining is that a rational actor would use skilled business people regardless of gender. But people, be they human or Ferengi, don't always act rationally. Most Ferengi simply don't believe that females are smart enough, so why would they ever give them the chance in the first place?

The FCA has power beyond just Ferenginar. Brunt was enforcing rules against Quark on a Bajoran station run by Starfleet.
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