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Re: The Nature of the TARDIS

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One little point. Our Tardis is a mark one, as per Time Meddler, where the Monk has a Mk4. Presumably both type 40, though that's a retcon.

You know, I kept thinking it was a Mark I, In fact I know it was always referred to as one, but I kept seeing Mark Three in other spots..


notation in the Wiki:
Doctor's TARDIS was then called a Mark I, while the Monk's was a superior Mark IV. Many fans have retconned this early Hartnell model number with the later "Type 40" by suggesting that the Doctor's TARDIS was a "Type 40, Mark I", or "Mark I, Type 40". There is, however, no dialogue which calls for such an assumption. The actual type numbers of other Time Lords' TARDISes has never been given in televised stories. However, other type numbers have been mentioned in other media. More recently, the Doctor's TARDIS has been given the designation TT Type 40, Mark III by the onboard computer on the Teselecta in the episode Let's Kill Hitler

based on the new designation, cited in the recent TV series, I decided to remain current for the newer fans by sticking with the Mark 3 designation...

it could also be that the TARDIS was upgraded to a higher Mark designation during his return to Gallifrey during the Time war..
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