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Re: The FCA makes no sense

That only works if big corporations have more to gain by the existence of the FCA than they do by defying it. Just like Gala said "Screw you" and did business with Quark when it was banned to do so, because it was profitable to do so. The entire planet should be like Gala, just say "Screw you, I can get more profit over here without you."

Ferengi culture is extremely misogynistic, but if somebody could make more profit by not being misogynistic, wouldn't they have a competitive advantage over the other companies that are misogynistic? They would end up with a monopoly on smart women.

Remember the FCA only has power on Ferenginar, and they only have power as long as the richest Ferengi businessmen profit by their existence. That ceases to be the case, and enough of the top Ferengi businessmen say "Screw you, I'm better off without you", the FCA becomes toothless and inept.

@Mr Laser Beam

They are not the rules we are used to seeing. They are the list-item opposite of rules we are used to seeing, hence 'Earth on opposite day'.

Survival of the fittest doesn't need a big government authority to enforce itself. If a corporation really is the fittest it survives on its own without anyone's help. And if one corporation and only one corporation had good employee benefits and every other corporation cheated and exploited their employees, that corporation would get all the best employees, and again, they'd be the ones with a competitive advantage.

As the FCA exists, the corporations that said 'Screw you' and walked away would make greater profits than the ones that followed FCA regulations. So again, it does not make sense that an organization like the FCA exists.

And logic aside, a true libertarian planet would make better television than Earth on opposite day.
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