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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

Oh, I agree the Mirrored story is flawed, but then so are most of the Abramsverse comics in general. I just don't agree with the interpretation that it's "just a story Scotty told."

Although, in regards to some of your points.

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Gorkon is already Chancellor in 2258 and wears a helmet? (It should be Regent since it's a variation of the mirror universe and whatever is the point of the helmets?)
Since all Klingons wore the helmets in Trek XI's deleted scenes and none were seen without one, the nature of IDW's license meant any Abramsverse Klingons had to be identical to what we saw in that movie, for reasons of brand recognition. Therefore, Gorkon had to wear a helmet.

A Captain leads the conquest of Qo'noS (Shouldn't it be an admiral?)
I don't recall it being mentioned they had a fleet with them.

The Enterprise (most likely also a flagship of Starfleet and its nation overall) is crewed by senior officers who are too young and have done too little in the name of their service?
But then that's the same as the Abramsverse itself, so why hold that specifically against Mirrored?

Christopher Pike is a Terran Senator and a superior of the Enterprise (Imperial Starfleet issues should be handled by admirals, not the legislature) (and since when is the Terran Empire organized like the Romulan Star Empire?)
Perhaps the Terran Empire has influences of Rome? The are ruled by an emperor and if dialogue were to be taken literally from Mirror, Mirror, he is addressed as "Caesar."

The artist mistakenly drew the I.S.S. Enterprise to look like a prime universe refit Constitution class
The artist did the same with the USS Enterprise in the opening pages of the book, and more glaring is ISS Enterprise having the registry NCC-1701-D. Not to mention all the 24th century LCARS computer displays seen throughout the entire Ongoing line.

Earth and Vulcan are apparently "allies" in the empire (Vulcan should be a subject world of the Terran Empire, not an equal)
Vulcan being a subject world of the Terran Empire comes from Enterprise. Based on Mirror, Mirror, there's no indication the Vulcans are subjects. Indeed, quite the opposite given Spock was officially the first officer of the Enterprise, and that Starfleet was going to assign him command of the ship. Not to mention, Spock's reference to Vulcan operatives practically scared the piss out of Sulu, not the reaction one would expect the "master race" to have in regards to "slaves."
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