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The Nature of the TARDIS

Think of the TARDIS more like an infinite computer mind with thoughts (rooms and structures) from it's beginning to thoughts (rooms and structures) to the end of it's time... The TARDIS rooms are spread out, in one configuration and static. As you advance through the TARDIS you move into a new time zone relative to the previous room. Time is allocated to each section to make it real, however the central computer maintains the TARDIS internal structure via it's power from the Eye of Harmony. Think of the Tardis rooms, and the corridors as a projection. They are real because it's made from particles, they exist because time is allocated to them and have space because time is allocated. however, in distressful circumstances, the Architectural configuration can become compromised (the computer code which dictates where one room exists, and the time-space allocated to it) when this happens a room can blink out of it's relative position and end up phased together with another section, hence the Library ending up with the pool room in it. It's mathematical code which is generated by the time given to it, and particles assembled can become convoluted, mixing them together and allocating time-space in one format. In extreme catastrophic circumstances older time sections can become mixed with current running time sections, and one could end up in an earlier version of the ship, out of time and stuck in an older model, or future version.

Think of each room as an assembly of particles in a wave format, given mathematical structure realized by a constant vibrational frequency on a quantum string level, maintained by the infinite power generated by the EYE of Harmony

This function is also how the TARDIS can similarly, when working correctly, can create multiple copies of rooms, and as in "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" can create "Echo Rooms" which are in the same position as the Original room, just outside of the Original Rooms allocated time. They share the same space-but not the same time. Flickering at infinite speeds existing in the same space. This is how the Doctor can align them briefly to Grab Clara out of that Echo Room and bring her into alignment with his console counterpart.

There are different configurations in the TARDIS which exist in the same space, but are out of sync with this particular configuration in allocated time. For example, the Doctor's 1st Version of the ship exists in the same space, complete with the roundels, and original console room, spare rooms, and such. That original configuration is technically still there, but because it is in a different time zone relative to the current TARDIS in use it is not accessible. In the comic book called Tesseract, the TARDIS dimension becomes compromised, and pieces of the various old TARDIS's become mixed with the current 10th DOCTOR's version. This is because the Allocated relative time zones that separate each TARDIS configuration are blurred. The TARDIS configurations all exist at the same time, just as old versions are still in existence in the same space as the current running version, so too are future versions also in existence running in a different time zone relative to the current version.

This is how the TARDIS when in the form of Idris is able to say that she has multiple copies of about 30 of the console room, already saved because as they all exist in the same space, just in different time zones. This function of the TARDIS is where the TESSERACT nature of it comes into play, but that TESSERACT like function is for the overall configuration of the Ship, and is not just limited to one room. "Basically each TARDIS version exists in the same spot as the others, just out of sync in time relative to the one you are currently existing in. They overlap each other but are separated by allocated time." This allocated time is controlled by the Time console and maintained by the infinite power supplied by the EYE of HARMONY. this is because in the Dimension the TARDIS exists, time is not running linear as in our universe, and so the ship has to break up time to make it linear for 3 dimensional beings like us to exist within it.

The creation of the TARDIS dimension itself is expanded by allocating time, which causes SPACE to expand to accommodate time (see the Doctor WHO Movie 1960's), which creates in effect existence. This allocation of time is also how the Doctor can reduce Space and collapse the Dimension, because the Time column Is what dictates such allocations of time. When the 3rd Doctor removes the Time Column and console from the interior dimensions, the rest of the ship ceased to be, because no time was allocated to the interior to create the existence. In essence the Interior essentials of the ship still exist in their own dimension because the EYE of HARMONY is infinite power, it was not accessible to the interior of the outer plasmic shell, once the Time Column and console were removed. When that occurred, the rest of the ship's interior dimensions, and rooms ceased to be, but the core engine, and Eye of Harmony, and Architectural Configuration room still exist as they are tied to the outer plasmic shell, which is the DOORWAY to those essential sections.

When the 3rd Doctor re-allocated time to the dimension, and reconnected the console to the console room, he then could input a new internal configuration and create via machine code, and block math computation, fed to the Architectural configuration system, which in tern generates a vibrational field, which manipulates the particles on a quantum string level, and generates matter according to the math given to it. The console works in conjunction with this system by allocating time, which expands space to accommodate time, because time-space are essentially one, and this is how Trans-Dimensional engineering works. once time is allocated to the Dimension, it also is allocated to the other previous sections of the TARDIS that existed before, and those that exist in the future simultaneously, via the infinite nature of the EYE of HARMONY.

The TARDIS interior dimension must exist at all times as an entire package for it to work, like a universe with a start and end. So when time is allocated to the Dimension to make it a functional reality, time MUST also be allocated to the Beginning of the ship's existence, and all the way up to the end of it's existence. The Doctor just dwells in portions of the TARDIS time allocations, and configurations at particular linear events.

I am working up a detailed design of the ship's interior, and here are the first few pages of the Technical manual.

Note: Since the TARDIS is constructed of Living metal, composed by re-arranging particles according to a Mathematical Formula, it's entire structure acts as one massive transmitter, and as such no outside dishes, or transmitter devices are necessary to generate the vibrational frequencies necessary to create and reformat matter to build or send signals to make rooms, and structures needed. This feature also allows the ship to transmit powerful signals via the time vortex to space-time in N-Space for communication.

When describing the Time allocations and previous/future versions of the ship, please be aware that it does not refer to the desk top feature, which is not the same thing. the desk top feature is for the current utilized time zone commissioned by the pilot. Previous versions of the ship are separate and contain their own desk top themes, which can also be changed via the architectural configuration system.

Thanks for your consideration. I will be doing more, and trying to convey the long text above in art and design media format in as simple terms as I can to break down the text as an example of how time allocation works with respect to the TARDIS ship. I hope you guys like what I have done so far. Good to be back Ya'll! Cheers Mates!
" We will ascend, to become creatures of consciousness alone. Free of these bodies, free of time, and cause and effect, while creation itself ceases to be.." -Lord President Rassilon

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