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#15 "Mirrored, Part 1" 2258.56 note however that the issue is apparently just a story that Scotty tells
I disagree with that interpretation since it is far too coincidental that Scotty just thinks up a universe where Starfleet serves an evil Terran Empire and that Spock Prime had an encounter with.
You're willing to accept a story where:

Gorkon is already Chancellor in 2258 and wears a helmet? (It should be Regent since it's a variation of the mirror universe and whatever is the point of the helmets?)
A Captain leads the conquest of Qo'noS (Shouldn't it be an admiral?)
The Enterprise (most likely also a flagship of Starfleet and its nation overall) is crewed by senior officers who are too young and have done too little in the name of their service?
Christopher Pike is a Terran Senator and a superior of the Enterprise (Imperial Starfleet issues should be handled by admirals, not the legislature) (and since when is the Terran Empire organized like the Romulan Star Empire?)
The artist mistakenly drew the I.S.S. Enterprise to look like a prime universe refit Constitution class
The writer mistakenly calls San Francisco the "capitol" of the Terran Empire (it should be "capital")
Earth and Vulcan are apparently "allies" in the empire (Vulcan should be a subject world of the Terran Empire, not an equal)

You may accept all this, but my opinion of Mirrored overall? It is an exemplum of how the ongoing comic is too lazy or else somehow unwilling to do alternate universe stories that are not carbon copies of the Abramsverse and the important characters and elements are ONLY from Star Trek 2009. Just look at unfulfilling Parallel Lives was.
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