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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 90: No Small Roles

Jake: Is your uncle really trying to flirt with Kira?
Nog: He lost a bet. Or he's trying to win one.

Eddingington: And if you press this button, the console - EXPLODES IN YOUR FACE!
(The console explodes in his face.)
Sisko, sipping raktajino: That must have hurt. What was the plan, exactly?
Eddington: were supposed to have been sitting here.

Weyoun: We've received another communique from this Dr. Horrible person.
Changeling: Ignore it. The Dominion is no 'evil league of evil'.
Weyoun, droning: Certainly not! You in your wisdom have created in it the most beneficent-
Damar, thinking: That 'Freeze Ray' might keep certain mouthy shapeshifters in their place..
DS9 CapCon #106: Let the Games Begin!
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