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Re: Krenim vs. Dept. of Temporal Investigations

Has anyone here cared to mention that the Krenim who altered history for their own ends were Imperium renegades from an "erased" alternate timeline who end up getting erased and reset? We barely see the prime timeline Krenim in the conclusion of "Year of Hell, Part II" and the minds of some assimilated Krenim in Seven's mind in "Infinite Regress".

I wonder though. It would appear in the conclusion of "Year of Hell, Part II" that Annorax did not develop the temporal weapon ship in the prime timeline. And Voyager encountered a Krenim patrol who warned them off instead of firing on them as in "Before and After". So do the prime Krenim have chroniton torpedo technology? If they have mastery of time-based weapons in the prime timeline, then shouldn't the Borg have acquired time travel/starship weapon advancements from that? Because "Infinite Regress" showed that the Borg had assimilated Krenim by 2375. However as pointed out in DTI: Watching the Clock, Temporal Accords enforcers work hard to prevent the Borg from acquiring time travel.
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