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Sphere Builders' native time period?

Something about Enterprise's 3rd season that confuses me is the Sphere Builders' relation to normal spacetime. The whole point of the 3rd season is that the Builders were trying to eliminate Earth and humans so that they wouldn't be defeated by the Federation at Procyon V in the 26th century. But I'm confused as to when the Builders depicted on the show are from. I've assumed for a long time that the Builders were contemporary 22nd century beings on Enterprise. However, I noticed that the episode "The Expanse" said that a component from the Xindi probe was from the 26th century, presumably a gift from the Builders to the Xindi. In the episode "Carpenter Street", the Builders transport Xindi-Reptilians from 2153 to 2004. And if you follow the novels in DTI: Watching the Clock, it is revealed that it was the Builders who gave the Borg the temporal vortex generator in Star Trek: First Contact. It then occurred to me that if the Builders have time travel capabilities then they would not need to sit around for over 200 years after the failure of the Xindi superweapon to wait for the right moment to contact the Borg.

So does all this that mean that it is the 26th century Builders who reach out to the Xindi from the 21st century to the 22nd century? Or were the Builders a contemporary species who contacted the Xindi in real-time? Or is the Builders' transdimensional realm a nonlinear one like the Celestial Temple of the Bajoran Prophets?
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