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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

Ian Levine's on the warpath again...

All I am going to say is while selfish people hoard missing episodes, we're not going to get to see anything else. The situation is not going to change. Someone is enjoying it too much and gloating and getting his rocks off on the power he has. He is in no hurry to return anything. Nothing will be handed back this year. I always ALWAYS said that the worst thing that could ever happen to the missing Doctor Who episodes would be for someone with an agenda, who wasn't a real fan, to find some, and then use them for money, or power, or as a bargaining chip, or merely to stall and be awkward and tease us all. Sadly this nightmare scenario is what has come to pass and I am bitter with anger, and filled with a festering toxic poisonous rage. I never behaved like this and it makes my blood boil.

(The following in response to a comment from Scot Ferre) Sorry Scott but you've been played and used. None are coming but most do exist. but NONE ARE COMING. Scott, you have been used. I have never ever ever regretted anything more in my entire life than letting Paul Vanezis persuade me to publicly praise this awful man, in the hope he might return more. I wish I could take back every syllable. The way his OCD conducts his entire life means it's impossible for anyone like me to either understand him or predict how many years he will string us all along. He's equally capable of just burning the lot. I believe if GOD FORBID I was ever terminally ill, he'd callously wait till I died before releasing anything else. That's how low I think he is capable of acting. Sorry to say it but I loathe him now.

(The following in response to a comment about Philip Morris's wife) She's worse than he is. And as for him conveniently forgetting coming to my house and collecting the paperwork he needed, I can only assume his PTSD gave him amnesia too. I want to stay out of all of this. I had said a month ago that I was staying silence, and I did try to, honest I did, but my festering rage forced me to say SOMETHING. I think his actions are reprehensible and he makes a mockery of everything I ever tried to do in my entire life. He is the total antithesis of me and everything I stand for and everything I hold dear. He is my own personal nemesis, the "Anti-Levine" if you like. And I hate him deeply. And what I hate the most is the death of hope. He has ruined what should have been a wonderful event. I'm not just pessimistic, I could weep when I see how he plays all the fans for such fools. You all want them so badly that you let him abuse and mock you all. Am I one of the only VERY few people who can see right through his charade???

(The following in response to a question about how many episodes might Morris have in his possession?) We will never know for sure, as he has become the world's greatest expert at cloak and dagger, but I believe that it's most of them, and multiple copies of most as well - he's cleared out every source where anyone else could have looked, to ensure that he and only he holds a monopoly. You can't go public because he'll just deny it. He's had some of these for five years now and kept his gob shut.I would rather commit Harri-Kari than ever speak to Phil Morris now, because the mere thought of him makes my anger rise to boiling point these days. He's too arrogant to listen - he'd merely laugh. "Expect the unexpected".... Expect bollocks.

(I love the irony of the bit I've put in bold...)
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