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Re: What are you reading?

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I thought it was really good. The first chunk of our hero's time on Mars is so long that I was a bit jarred when they switched to Earth's view of the situation. However, Weir wove things together pretty well. The third act was pretty rushed, and I think he could have done a better job with the Commander's remorse about having to leave a crew member behind. Overall, if I were to give it a "star" rating, it would be 4/5. Maybe even 4.5/5.

The science stuff shouldn't scare you off. I got a "C" in the astronomy course I took in college to meet my science requirement, and I recalled just enough of that to understanding the basic physics in the story.

Yeah, 4.5/5.
I haven't been in this thread in ages and actually popped in to post about this book! I quite like it, and I especially like the science and technical aspect. It's a detailed and precise account of problem-solving, and actually reminds me a lot of two of my childhood favorites, Hatchet and My Side of the Mountain, except the wilderness is Mars.

Miss Chicken, I'd recommend it.

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