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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

Well here's what I've gathered about alternate reality dates

Star Trek 2009 prologue 2233.04
Star Trek: Nero #1 to #4 various points from 2233 to 2258
Star Trek 2009 other early scenes various points from 2233 to 2255
Star Trek 2009 main story 2258.42 or 2258.44 (Kirk couldn't remember exactly)
#1 2258.2...5... .5...6...? (Scotty couldn't remember exactly)
#2 1313.1 (makes no sense)
#3 "The Galileo Seven, Part 1" 2821.5 to 2823.3 (makes no sense)
#4 "The Galileo Seven, Part 2" no stardate given
#5 "Operation - Annihilate!, Part 1" main story no stardate given; beginning flashback is set after the Kirk's car theft scene in Star Trek 2009
#6 "Operation - Annihilate!, Part 2" no stardate given
#7 "Vulcan's Vengeance, Part 1" no stardate given however the issue has the Enterprise leaving Starbase 10 which is what they were heading at the end of the previous issue
#8 "Vulcan's Vengeance, Part 2" no stardate given
#9 "The Return of the Archons, Part 1" 2258.241; beginning flashback is "18 months ago" after Sulu has been given his assignment to the Enterprise
#10 "The Return of the Archons, Part 2" no stardate given
presumably this is the divide between 2258 and 2259
#11 "The Truth About Tribbles, Part 1" main story 2259.55; beginning flashback to the Kirk and Spock Prime meet Scotty scene in Star Trek 2009
#12 "The Truth About Tribbles, Part 2" no stardate given
#13 "The Redshirt's Tale" frame story 2259.23; Hendorff says thanks to his parents for "the Christmas vid" and "sorry it's taken this long to get back to you".
#14 unnamed story about Keenser no stardate given for frame story; main story begins in 2230 on Royla and continues to Star Trek 2009
#15 "Mirrored, Part 1" 2258.56 note however that the issue is apparently just a story that Scotty tells
#16 "Mirrored, Part 2" no stardate given
#17 "Bones" frame story 2258.247; main story goes through McCoy's early life to Star Trek 2009
#18 "The Voice of a Falling Star" set entirely before Star Trek 2009; begins with Uhura in class with Spock; "several months later" depicts Spock and Uhura's first mind meld to Uhura's childhood; no stardate given
#19 "Scotty" set at various points in Scotty's life from 2231 to "Delta Vega" just before Star Trek 2009
#20 "Red Level Down" set during Sulu and Chekov's academy years; concludes as the Enterprise departs Earth for Vulcan in Star Trek 2009
Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness no stardates given; flashback to circa 2239. Since the Enterprise was on a scheduled survey of Phaedus IV, I place CtD before the video game since in the video game the Enterprise heads to Helios Station on a distress call but both works end with Admiral Pike ordering the Enterprise to Nibiru. I assume that the Enterprise was en route to Nibiru from Phaedus IV, diverted to Helios Station, and then resumed course to Nibiru, but I guess this is up to interpretation.
Star Trek video game 2259.32 to 2259.33
Star Trek Into Darkness main story 2259.55
Khan #1 to #4 frame story 2259.246; main stories are set from November 1971 to 1996 and over roughly 5 months from 2258 to 2259
Star Trek Into Darkness epilogue at the rededication ceremony of the Enterprise Kirk states the exposure of Marcus's conspiracy to be "nearly a year ago" so it could be late 2259 or early 2260. I like to think that the Enterprise sets out for its 5 year mission on the neat and clean date of January 1, 2260
#21 "After Darkness, Part 1" has a prologue set a week before its main story which has the Enterprise out in space. No date is given, but the main story presumably takes place right after the epilogue of Star Trek Into Darkness.
#22 "After Darkness, Part 2" no date given
#23 "After Darkness, Part 3" no date given
#24 no title; features the "Gorn" from the video game 2260.115
#25 "The Khitomer Conflict, Part 1" 2261.147; Starting with this issue the dates are apparently in 2261 but Yuki Sulu states "A five-year mission. Who could pass that up?"
#26 "The Khitomer Conflict, Part 2" no stardate given
#27 "The Khitomer Conflict, Part 3" 2261.149
#28 "The Khitomer Conflict, Part 4" 2261.168; beginning flashback mistakenly states the destruction of Vulcan by the Narada to be 4 years ago
#29 "Parallel Lives, Part 1" 2261.274; Jane Kirk states "but we're already underway into our five-year mission into uncharted space" even though it's way into 2261 by the stardate.
#30 "Parallel Lives, Part 2" 2261.234 (yes, the stardate in the text is lower than in the previous issue)
#31 "I, Enterprise, Part 1" no stardate given for frame story but Science Officer 0718 states the main story to begin "precisely two years, twenty-seven days, forty-three minutes, and seven seconds ago" so presumably soon before Star Trek Into Darkness
#32 "I, Enterprise, Part 2" presumably follows main story of previous issue

So there you go. Apologies if there any errors.

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