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Re: Things you thought were stupid on ds9.

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Just a few of my top peeves:

I really disliked the reveal that Sisko's mother was possessed by the prophets to bring about his birth... ugh.
I agree with this. I felt like it would have been more interesting to have Sisko willingly choose to be "of Bajor" vs. him being divinely predestined and having no choice. And if they just wanted to have him end up wioth the Prohets in the end, they still could have. Making it his choise gives it more weight.

Killing off Jadzia. Ezri was fine, but I still think they could've allowed Terry to leave without killing off Jadzia.
I used to feel this way, especially when it first aired. But, in hindsight, as a writer you can't have a situation like that and NOT kill the character. You can get a new character without having to completely start over. What's the use of having a joined Trill to write for if you never get to reboot the host? The situation was too perfect not to kill her. Now, the way they killed her...

Poor treatment of Alexander Rozhenko. Character assassination at its worst. Alexander was in a great place at the end of TNG, so rather than build on that, DS9 just decided to ruin the character by making him comic relief for a couple of episodes? Um, yeah, thanks guys.
Agreed. Alexander was never a high point on TNG, but it's as if the DS9 writers didn't see S6 or S7 of that series at all. Worf made some real gains as a father in episodes like A Fistful of Datas or Firstborn. But, they forget all that and put things between them right back to the way they were when K'Ehleyr died (heck, even worse). I think it was character assassination for both Worf and Alexander.

Now, I get why they didn't want Alexander on DS9. One single dad was enough (two if you count Rom). But there had to be something better than THAT. If nothing else, I can't see Worf's parents allowing him to become that neglectful of his son.
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