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Klingon Houses...

I asked this question on a rewatch blog, but I'd love to get your input... Just how big do you think Klingon Houses are? I don't believe there is an in-canon answer. Was the House of Mogh just Worf, Alexander and Kurn? Is the House of Martok just Martok, Sirella and their children (plus Worf & Company later on)? If so, it seems kind of inconsequential and not at all the big deal they make them seem.

I'm trying to fathom the impact of the Sons of Mogh losing everything as Kurn so dramatically puts it. Were there others affected, possibly those who worked the land or manned the ships that Kurn talks about losing? Kurn implies that there are others, like when he says "It was even said that if Gowron died, the leadership of the Council might have passed to someone from the House of Mogh." Who is is he talking about? Himself? Worf? Alexander?

Some argue that "Houses" are just for the noble, upper class Klingons (think Kor vs. Martok). If so, do common, non-noble Klingons align themselves with whomever they work for/live under or do they have no affiliation at all? Do they refer to themselves as "Bill, son of Tom" like we are used to hearing or are they just "Bill?"
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