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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Fifteen months later and Iím still listening to this set. I havenít grown tired of it and always find some time to pop in a favorite score, or revisit some I donít frequent as much. Itís also amazing how much having the complete presentations made the previously released scores more enjoyable. Where No Man Has Gone Before (in sound and content) is much fuller and one of my top picks. The Doomsday Machine also gets play quite often, which like itís forefather The Enemy Within, doesnít have a single false note. Sol Kaplan was underused.

Of the newly released, I gravitate to The Man Trap a lot more often than I thought I would. Itís not droning electronic crap that Roddenberry hated at the time; itís just very depressing and stark, but still brilliant. It does a wonderful job in filling in the character blanks of the creature. Also Fridayís Child and Spockís Brain keep drawing me in.

There are a few episode scores Iím not as enamored with, but overall, this is still my go-to for mood music and easily some of the best television scoring of the era. It certainly is my own personal favorite. Iíll always be grateful for everyoneís herculean efforts to get this together and out. Such great quality and a real labor of love. If I have any complaint at all it is the decision to cross fade some cues to recreate an original edit (which happens in the two pilot scores). I would have preferred to hear the cues end rather than get stepped on by the next cue, but thatís a very minor point. My love for this set is unparalleled in my library. It is easily the jewel in the collection and my actual Holy Grail.
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