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Re: Album Cover: The Next Generation

Track list:
Confirmed Cover
Compulsory Edge
Center Partial
Model Current
Nice Cure
Warm Afternoon
Financial Seven
Late Let
Passed Oil
Several Movies
Hypokinetic Antihierarchy
Nonsensationalistic Semialcoholic Nonvalidness
Recorded Artist
The Very Earth Will Shake

Stryken Station are a Norwegian hard rock band, named after a railway station the band members were stuck in during a blizzard in 2002. They have been described as a 'the pop version of Scandinavian metal' and 'a covers band in prog rock style'. On this, the ninth album, the ironic song titles reflect how they have borrowed riffs and lyrics from other bands and done a live mashup, creating songs that are both familiar and different. '
Compulsory Edge' features the riffs of 'Kashmir' and the lyrics of Deep Purple's 'Perfect Strangers' for a long, powerful grind. 'Late Let' is a frantic rocker, about trying to find somewhere to rent during the holiday season, and 'Nice Cure' is an odd twisted take on the clashing musical styles of The Nice and The Cure over lyrics talking about the health system. The title song is an epic six minute manifesto on the power and energy of rock. Powerful and at times oddly moving, this is an essential album.
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