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Re: "Demons": My thoughts

The "technicalities" above piqued my interest...

1) Most of the adventures after the 3rd season could have taken place very close to home. Since the heroes basically dissipated the Delphic Expanse, there would be plenty of exotic alien territory there fairly close to Earth. OTOH, "Observer Effect" and "Bound" appear to be the only episodes that even bother to suggest that the ship is exploring wilderness rather than serving Earth's interests in territory already well surveyed.

I can easily see why Starfleet wouldn't want to deploy NX-01 far away from home at this juncture, though!

2) Getting the Xindi to actually grovel would be difficult to pull off, as it appears their conventional warfleet is much more potent than Earth's... If anything, the Xindi might have made demands afterwards. Or then they just expected to annex Earth to their mighty star empire in a few decades anyway, and didn't bother with such things. Little did they know that Earth would soon have plenty of powerful friends.

3) Having a warp-capable mine would certainly make sense if the goal were to hunt for specific minerals from the Sol system, at economically viable concentrations, rather than settling for mining empty a single location. Plenty of flying to be done between various asteroids and moons, and it might be economically smart to minimize time-in-transit. This sort of reminds me of the Boomer ships getting their cargoes wherever they can, rather than running regular services - a typical mode of operations in a "primitive", "early" economic and technological setup down here on Earth's oceans. A "tramp mine" is an exotic but sensible scifi concept!

It would be fun to see for once a hero or a villain warn about the "risk" of insystem warping, and Mother Nature then actually arrange for a demonstration. Not every gamble should pay off, or the sense of danger just dissipates. We have no idea what the problem here is, though. Will ships spontaneously explode when their warp fields interfere with the subspace fields of good old Sol? Or is there a risk of hitting insystem debris?

4) The concept of undercover celebrities is a pretty silly one, but note that it's all S31's doing: Harris gets Reed to provoke Trip and T'Pol into it, while Archer and Samuels actually speak against such involvement earlier on. For all we know, Harris wanted celebrity casualties so that he could bring down Terra Prime with those.

As for general comments, I liked the concept of two parts of Earth-centered intrigue, despite the burden of so many multi-parters already. The concept of the hybrid kid was way too ill-defined and ill-founded to carry the "hero part" of the intrigue, though. Yet without such a gimmick, with just a right-wing movement doing radical threats and our heroes sorting it out, the story would have had zero dramatic impact. I just wish they could have come up with a better gimmick...

Timo Saloniemi
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