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Re: ARLINGTON, Wash. Mud slide

176 missing? Wow! In the news over here they said 14 dead and 108 missing, with 35 houses destroyed.
It'll propably take a day or two till we get exact figures as people gradually turn up. Missing atm only means theuir whereabouts are currently unknown. It doesn't necessarily mean they are dead or injured. Many may have been shopping or on a vacation or at work and are now simply too shocked or too busy with helping to report to the authorities. I am confident that the figure will shrink considerably within the next days.

What's more important atm: how's the weather there? Are there shelters for the inhabitants of the 35 destroyed houses? Will their insurances pay (often they don't in case of natural catastrophies)? Is everyone getting all the help they need or is there something we can do to be of assistance?
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