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Re: The Captain's Table

No we have the fake version, Norgen Vaaz. You can get coffee gelato sometimes. But I've found mixing some nescafe instant into vanilla very good, you can get it nice and strong. I remember once when I was in amerrica I bought some Haagen Daz coffee and it was ALMOST BLACK, something had obviously slipped up, it was espresso ice cream. Since then I have often tried to replicate this. Super strong brewed coffee, like undrinkable, mixed in works well. This also works with vanilla yoghurt as we definitely do not have coffee yoghurt here which I remember existing in your land of coffee and cherry and grape (all flavours less used here or practically non existent).

Still you can get green tea ice cream all over the place here now and that more than makes up for this coffee fail. Captain Janeway, she who is to be adored, would not agree of course but I will just tell her that leaves more coffee for her as I will gladly give her all coffee products and content myself with green tea versions of the same.

Let me talk about food some more, blah blah blah blah.. OH WAIT that is the actual subject of this thread!

Look at this utterly pathetic meal Neelix has made, supposed to be a special occasion as I recall (The Void):

Puff pastry with a dead bird plonked into it, single carrot, baby squash, drizzle and dirt. I would have made a fab little stir fry with all that, minus the waste of replicator space puff pastry abomination.

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