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Re: Greg's Trek Ships and Things

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Too bad for them, but a relief for the Alliance for sure!

Strange, as Sienar Systems usually creates excellent fighters. The Tie Defender is easily my favorite fighter to fly in X-Wing Alliance, and no Rebel Fighters has both it's fire power, speed, and agility!
But I guess every family has it's black sheep!

May the Force be with whoever designed the thing, because when Palpatine became personally unhappy, someone usually ended up dead!
The K-Wing has probably has more power than it, but then again I'm referring to how it appeared in Battlefront II (Ultimate mod version).

After finishing up a small project for Tobias, decided to come back to the TIE. Structural changes to balance it and bring it closer to what I want. Comes with 6 Laser Cannons (2 under the cockpit like on the TIE Fighter and 2 on each of the parallel wings) and 2 proton launchers. As always, design is not up for debate.
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