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USS Odyssey (NX-94276) Intrepid-class MSD

[Full size here]

Master Systems Display for the USS Odyssey, an Intrepid-class Long Range Science Vessel launched in 2409 by Starfleet, under the command of Captain Robin L Zhang.

The Odyssey's MSD is located at the back of the bridge, where a member of the bridge crew would monitor the overall status of the vessel, and if required relay the relevant information to the Captain and First Officer. Detailed information such as power / resource allocation/usage, shields and weapons status as well as science sensor readings have been relegated to other dedicated stations.

Main Schematic
By default, this shows a lateral (side-on) cross-section of the current vessel, along with major subsystems and their respective locations throughout the ship. This can be easily changed to various other display modes in a manner to be described shortly.

Reconfigurable Auxiliary Display A
Located to the far left of the MSD is one of two supporting displays, which can be easily reconfigured to display various information, depending on the alert status or mission requirements - for instance, when at warp under normal cruise conditions, it displays the Subspace Field Geometry as measured by the appropriate sensors.

Reconfigurable Auxiliary Display B
Similarly, on the far right of the MSD is another supporting display. This is mainly used in conjunction with the Arrow Pad to show close-ups of the ship's schematic, or to review subsystem component operational states.

Arrow Pad
Below Aux Display B is a keypad that allows the user to move a cursor over the current view to zoom in and examine a small area of the ship in finer detail. I'm guessing the random numbers are "shortcut" keys to elements or subsystems of interest.

View Filters
At the (figurative) heart of the MSD is a small set of view "filters" that can be used to quickly change the main MSD view to different configurations:
- Internal Views: Either default lateral cross-section overview, or any of the 15 decks that typically make up Intrepid-class vessels
- External View: Any of the six nautical orientations relative to the vessel - dorsal, fore, port, starboard, aft and ventral
- Filters: Either an overview, or just one of a few major subsystems - structural integrity, environmental, electro-plasma system (EPS) and optical data network (ODN)

Subsystem Status Displays
At the very bottom of the MSD are a series of buttons and indicators, for showing the current status of various subsystems. As far as I'm personally concerned, they serve the same purpose as those little viewscreen blinkies. =P


Some notes about my rendition of the Intrepid-class for the Odyssey

- The NX registry is canonically reserved for prototype (i.e. class leaders like the USS Intrepid) or experimental vessels. My head-canon would justify the Odyssey, as the last of the Intrepids, to have been commissioned for the express purpose of field testing and evaluating an improved Quantum Slipstream Drive (QSD) over a five-year exploration mission - note the little Quantum Field Focus Controller thingamajig tucked under the main deflector assembly.
(A/N - a fellow member on the Star Trek Online forums made an interesting fan theory on why this ship might have existed alongside the in-game Odyssey-class star cruiser)

- Crew accommodations are concentrated in the primary hull, with senior officer / VIP quarters on the upper decks, junior offices in the middle and enlisted crew shared bunks on decks 6~8.

- I've replaced the Aeroshuttle (which was never seen on-screen) with an alcove for any visiting Danube-class runabouts. The producers of Star Trek: Voyager ended up using the Delta Flyer anyway for their "atmospheric shuttle" role, and I wasn't inclined to completely redesign the ventral face of the primary saucer just to patch over the gaping hole and replace it with a torpedo launcher / sensor dome doohickey.
(A/N - this obviously had something to do with an old topic I started here on Trek BBS)

- Speaking of the Delta Flyer, I've redesigned the shuttlebay(s) to better accommodate it for launch / landing / maintenance. I also took the liberty of redesignating it as the Delta-class shuttle.

- It was never canonically stated where Astrometrics was on Voyager, although fans often claimed it was on deck 10. The official on-screen MSD shows an Astrometrics-like compartment on deck 8, just below the computer core, so I redesigned the schematic to better resemble the actual Astrometics room layout on TV. I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

- I never really liked the design of the torpedo launchers on canon MSDs, especially that weird hanging blob-on-a-stick doodad, so I devised my own version. Also note that the Odyssey is primarily armed with Quantum Torpedoes - the few Photon Torpedo casings you see are for probes and the occasional crew funeral.

LCARS color scheme inspired from STO, graphics and elements based on a combination of official and fanon MSDs

Drafted in Inkscape 0.48.

By the way, in case you're wondering what this MSD looks like under various alert conditions (Normal, Grey Mode, Blue, Yellow and Red Alert):

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