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Re: Album Cover: The Next Generation

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Did you go to the link? Does it let you see the random photos if you're not a flickr member?
yes. to both questions. However I can't save the photos or use them at all. in fact, eventually my computer will freeze up.
This is for FSM and MLB. Note: I do not have a Flickr account, the link takes you to a random image there. I also do not have Photoshop. But you've seen my previous efforts.

1. Find and install IrfanView. It's free and very flexible.

2. Open the pic in Flickr using the link.

3. Right click, copy

EDIT: you can't copy Flickr images like you used to. As others have said, use Print Screen, then IrfanVew or picture editor of choice to trim it down to a suitable size (Note: they often have a resize option too, so they aren't outrageously huge).

4. Open IrfanView, Edit -> Paste

5. Save this as a file locally.

6. Select a section of the screen, that is click and drag, which sould leave a frame on the screen, a selected area.

7. Choose Edit -> Insert text into selection

8. Insert band/album name in the box (Note 1: you can make 2 selections, one after the other for each, in different areas. Note 2: you can also justify (L/C/R) the text).

9. At the bottom right of the overlay text window is a Choose Font button.

10. You should have a range of fonts, sizes and colours to choose from. Choose and OK.

11. OK again. Your text should now be in the box.

12. If it is not correct or to your liking, hit Ctrl-Z and repeat 8-11 until you are satisfied.

13. Save again. If it asks if you want to replace the original, say yes. Or you an save the non-text image by saving under a different name.

14. Upload to your fave photo-sharing site. (I use Photobucket)

The rest you should know.
Let me know if you have questions, and have fun.
1984? We're way beyond that!

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