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Re: Suggestions for desktop computer?

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Microsoft needs to work on it so that it can resize Metro apps if you want, or at the very least add some useful options to the Start button rather than just taking you back to the Metro Tiles.
This is my biggest complaint about Windows 8, and it's a deal killer for me. When I'm working, I regularly have several programs going at once, and I'm using them all at the same time. On occasion, I even have Linux running in a virtual machine and I'm using some data analysis software there while using other programs in Windows. Having everything run full screen alone makes it much more difficult, but even worse is having everything run full screen and not have a fast way to switch between programs (task bar), or even see what else is running makes the computer virtually worthless for my work. Yes, I know there's the desktop interface, but when I tried it out a few months ago, I found that the start button only took me back to the Metro interface and really wasn't helpful at all. I kept inadvertently going back to Metro without meaning to. Also, the desktop interface was on one monitor and the Metro interface on the other. I couldn't get the desktop interface to span both monitors as I needed it to. Maybe some day I'll go back and try it again with one of the 3rd party start menu programs, but for now there's no need.
Moving the pointer into the upper left corner of the screen then down the left edge isn't fast enough for you?

For those who aren't familiar with Windows 8 that procedure displays a list of thumbnails representing all the running full screen apps down the left side of the screen. On my laptop I just need to swipe from the left edge of the touchpad. If you left the classic desktop open it's included in the list.

From the start screen you can start to type the name of an app you want to open and search will usually display a short list containing the desired app by the time two to three characters are typed. Click the app name to open it. Works equally well with apps that require the classic desktop to open.

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