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By the way, I find it interesting that in Zyuranger, the call to transform is "Henshin da!", which literally means "It's transformation!" Or, effectively, "It's morphin' time!" Another thing that's a lot closer to the original than I expected. (The Dairangers used the word "tenshin" instead of "henshin," though it apparently had the same meaning.)

Also the Blue/TriceraRanger's Legendary Weapon is actually called a lance in the original. It always bugged me that Billy's weapon, which looked more like a pair of sais, was called a Power Lance. I always figured that was a Westernization, but it actually was called the Tricera Lance.

One silly thing I'd forgotten was how, in the shots where Daizyujin/the Megazord picks up and wields its sword, the big black plastic fists are replaced by the suit actor's much smaller hands in white gloves. That's just weird.
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