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Re: Season 3 is a great season

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The Iotians could well have been at an early industrial level to be able to replicate the contents of the book.
They're said on-screen to have been at ``the beginnings of industrialization''. All that's said about their pre-Horizon culture, though, is that they were ``extremely intelligent and somewhat imitative''.

So I'm sure I can say without crashing this thread that this sketch was not in any way meant to suggest old-fashioned American stereotypes of the Japanese culture, which, from the beginnings of industrialization a century before the 1960s rose up to become, 1931 - 1945, one of the world's leading gangster states.

In a non-impish way I can point out that Kirk and company seem to assume that the Horizon must have interfered with the Iotian's culture. They have some kind of report from the Horizon, according to their own statements on-screen, but apparently one that doesn't indicate exactly what the Horizon did, or why.
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