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Re: Robert Sawyer goes off on "Return of the Archons"

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^ Dude. This is the Internet. Do you have any idea the possible cosmic ramifications of allowing someone to be wrong on the Internet?
This is correct. Allowing a false perception by an Individual to go uncorrected by the teeming masses could result in future generations reading said Individual's false perception and believing it to be valid truth. This could have the unfortunate result of the entire collapse of human civilization within 50,000 years and possibly the destruction of the universe.
Why, just look at the world today.

Back in Ought-Three, it was a simpler, more innocent time: the blog ruled the Internet landscape, while Tumblr and Twitter were not yet glimmers in the eye of Satan; porn stars and celebrities-with-sex-tapes were clearly distinguishable; an enterprising youth could purchase a full gram of Peruvian marching powder for a crisp fifty dollar bill; and right-thinking men and women of all political stripes were united by the certainty that Stopping the War, uniting the world and revivifying the Western commons was just one really persuasive blog post away.

On one fateful day in March of that year, I had a disagreement with a gentleman online about whether Colin Powell's tie during his UN speech had strictly-speaking been burgundy or maroon. I went to bed with the question unresolved, thinking it might be okay for us to agree to disagree. Lo and behold, the very next day, the Iraq War broke out.

Coincidence? I think not. And there's a lesson in that for all of us.
"The real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war." - Emerson
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