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Re: Catholics, What Are You Giving Up for Lent?

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That is interesting, that somehow discussing it would also diffuse it. I do have to wonder how universal that is. Studies like these are very hard to judge for accuracy, because I, for one, usually follow through on anything I plan to do, whether I mention it, or not.
I've read that study. They did find that people who talked about their goals were less likely to stick with them, and the hypothesis the researchers came up with was that by talking about the goal, the individual feels they've taken a step towards achieving that goal, even though they haven't. This makes them hold off on taking actual steps towards achieving the goal. Have you ever felt that sense of accomplishment from making a To Do list when you're really overwhelmed? It's that sort of thing.

It's just one study and one hypothesis, though. (Tangentially, psychological studies have the highest replication rate -- weird, but interesting!).

My roommate's Catholic...she gives up everything every year: alcohol, coffee, sweets, movies, TV, dating, and foods that aren't "simple".

If I were Catholic I don't know what I'd give up...procrastination would be a good one. I should really be giving that up anyway!

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