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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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I subscribed til issue 13, ordered issues 14 & 15 seperately as I told myself I didn't want all the releases, then looking at the next 10 or so to come, there's only the Xindi ship I'm not keen on, everything else looks good. Hmm might subscribe again. Do kinda regret ordering the 2 online, as people have said here would have been better to order on the phone.
Interesting. I made my subcription online and have been billed on time and received all the models in a reasonale time as well.

The only "wait" I had was for my replacement DS9.
Oh I made my original subscription online and never had a problem with it, the possible delay apparently can happen when your ordering from their online shop, as it quotes a delivery of 2-3 working days, and I think I ordered them last tuesday, so will be expecting to have arrived about now, but even if they take more time thats okay with me, I actually rang them today to resubscribe as it was too tempting, very good service on the phone.
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