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Re: list of boyfriend rules

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One day all the Nice Guys are going to drive me to a total psychotic breakdown and I'm going to go on a violent killing spree targeting only evolutionary psychologists whose work focuses on the differences between the sexes.
It reminds me of this comic that has probably been seen everywhere:

I love that comic, because it makes sense. There are nice guys, and then there are The Nice Guys. The ones who expect to be "rewarded" for being Nice Guys, and it's the kind of thing that pisses me off.
I think "nice guys" have ruined the term "nice guy" permanently.

A (female) friend recently said I was a "good guy" and distinguished it from "nice guy." I suppose it makes a good point: with a "nice" guy, all you know is what he's presenting, not necessarily what's underneath it. Is he being nice to you just for sex or because he genuinely wants to get to know you and treat you respectfully without any expectation of something more than friendship? What really matters is whether he's a good one, and that has little to do with whether he's particularly "nice."

So, I'm content to write off "nice guy" as a term with any positive connotations at all.

Also, that comic was pretty awesome. Good summary of the core issue.
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