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Re: list of boyfriend rules

I see. In my previous enconters with him he behaved rather gentlemanly so that I didn't get a chance yet to get to know this particular facet of his personality. From your description he seems to negate everything out of principle. In my experience people mainly do that when they are deeply frustrated or bored. Rarely when they are genuinely evil. Maybe a hug attack might help? Over on KHCMB we used to do that. It went similar to this:
Troll: look at me, I'm an evil troll!
poster #1: that's a troll? Cute!
poster #2: I always though they were bigger and hairier!
poster #3: aww, now look what you've done. You hurt him!
everyone: awwww! hug!!!!
Upon which the troll would either have a laughing fit, surrender and join the fun or run away screaming to never return again
I wonder which GalaxyX would do. My bet is he'd act grumpy so as to not lose face but secretly laugh his ass off.
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away
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