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Re: Probert's REAL N.C.C.-1701-C

@King Daniel - BeamMe wrote "Her situation is pretty much the same as Spock's in Star Trek and Into Darkness."

YE adds an interesting wrinkle to "One could interpret YE like this: That the war timeline is the original, since the Enterprise-C skipped forward in time as a result of it's battle and then was sent back 22 years later, creating the TNG history which we know."

The beginning of the episode showed the TNG history before the E-C appeared into the episode. That showed that the E-C's time loop was predetermined in order to restore what TNG looked at the beginning of the episode since the beginning of the episode indicated that the time travel event already happened.

We could argue that the beginning of YE's TNG might belong to a parallel universe ala "Parallels" and/or that a parallel universe was split off 22 years ago creating the War universe (again, back to "Parallels") which looked exactly like TNG up to the E-C disappearing.
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