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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

The models are beginning to flood I've got a subscription (still waiting for Issue 3 & 4 btw) but this helps to shorten the wait for some of my favourites.

The prices are about ten to fiften Euro more than the retail version, which seems reasonable going the quality of the model and considering it had to be shipped from the British Isles to here.

Now I'm eagerly awaiting my new Borg sphere and USS Thunderchild. Quite fitting actually, keeping in mind that the Thunderchild fought the Borg in 2373 (TNG: First Contact) and 2380 (TNG: Before Dishonor).

What's left to do is to keep my significant other ignorant about the fact that I'll end up with some of the models twice.

I wonder what the odds are of Eaglemoss taking up some Expanded Universe ships, like the Aventine, Titan, the NX-class refit (called Columbia-class in ENT: Rise of the Federation) and STO's Enterprise-F? There are some cool models out there waiting to happen.
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